Why Mediate

What is Mediation and Why it's the preferred Method to resolve conflict?

Mediation provides an opportunity to change disputes outcomes from the standard “win-lose” to “win-win.” Mediation is a forum where people with differences opinions come to agreement on issues like parenting arrangements, support of children and spouses, division of real and personal property, contract disputes and more, in a non-adversarial process. Mediation occurs when a neutral third-party, who is learned in dispute resolution, assists individuals resolve the issues that are causing conflict and to make cooperative, informed decisions for the benefit of all sides of the table.

Who's In Control of Your Money And Time? You or The Judge?

The immediate thing that comes to mind is the cost of resolving a dispute. It will cost much, much more to have an attorney hammer out the differences, and loss of the decision making happens when Judges are involved. Often attorneys are, respectfully, more interested in their client’s position than win-win situations. Judges have no personal interest in the outcome and may decide best "Fairness" practices indifferent to the hopes and desires of the parties.  In mediation proceedings, the parties are in complete control of the outcome of any agreement they chose to make.

Family - Divorce Mediation

Mediation programs can be very beneficial to people who are in heated destructive divorce proceedings, as well as to those who have long been divorced, but who find their post-divorce relationship in turmoil over child support, medical bills and more. Mediation will not only save all parties substantial sums of money, but it promotes positive dispute resolution that allows parties to continue beneficial relationships going forward rather than adversarial procedures such as lawsuits. Knowing this, it is well worth looking into mediation as a favorable vessel for use by any couple facing divorce, a child custody issues, visitation positions, or other interpersonal conflict.


Friends and Associations


Bishop Calvin and Pastor Valerie Hooper

Calvin and Valerie co-founded the non-denominational ministry household of Faith Christian Fellowship Church, Inc in June 2003. Their passion for teaching God’s people how to apply the word of God to their everyday lives has resulted in the More Like Him radio broadcast aired weekly on Fridays and Saturdays on the Wilkins Radio Network and the Faith live IHeart Radio station. Bishop and Pastor presided over my Ordination to Elder back in 2013. 

Dr. Tom Barnette

Graduate education is a key component BarnHam research mission, and graduate students are critically important members of our community who contribute great dynamism and creativity. Graduate students support the research of faculty, teach and mentor undergraduate students, contribute to the discovery of new knowledge, and collaborate with postdoctoral fellows, staff, administrators, and community members. BarnHam Graduate School and Seminary continues to advance its doctoral programs, thus attracting the very best students from diverse backgrounds. While my vision is global, my focus is local, keeping Seminary costs affordable to serve our diverse population of adult learners. Even in our challenging economy, we offer small, interactive classes and highly-qualified faculty with real-world experience. BarnHam offers you the knowledge, skills and career opportunities to expand your ministry and hold a professional degree. 

Dr. Barbara Sunderland Manousso

Over the years, she has formed a conflict resolution network with an international panel of professionals who practice with expertise in elder care mediation, probate, divorce, real estate, religious organizations, environmental protection, and consumer issues.  She has trained hundreds of mediators to mediate, arbitrate, and facilitate.  She has taken thousands of hours of training and earned numerous certificates and a doctorate in mediation, arbitration, and facilitation. (Copied from her website)

Rev. Kyle Mitchell

Kyle is the former program director at PCHAS.  The Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services (PCHAS) provides Christ-centered care and support for struggling children and families.  Since 1903, we’ve created programs that greatly improve children’s lives – enabling their recovery from abuse, abandonment, and other forms of neglect.  We also reach out and work closely with their parents, some of whom struggle with drug and/or alcohol addiction, unemployment, poverty, depression, and other obstacles to healthy parenting. (Taken from their website)

Dr. Brooke Jones

Dr. Jones is the Founder & President Stronger than Espresso.

Empower Survivors to Reclaim What Abuse Took Away

Stronger began as grassroots movement that believes everyone deserves a life free from abuse. 

Stronger is an accredited non-profit organization dedicated to empowering survivors of domestic abuse and gender based violence to reclaim what abuse took away.

Stronger programs train facilitators with unique tools designed to foster healing opportunities, equip professionals with training on trauma healing, and raise domestic violence awareness in communities.


Stronger than Espresso works to empower survivors of violence with tools to reclaim what abuse took away.


Too many to list!!!!

There are so many more friends and associates I'd like to list, but space doesn't allow for it..  To individuals that have been a part of my success in reaching this opportunity. You may not be mentioned here, but know that I am grateful for all you have openly, lovingly poured into me through your teaching, mentoring, patience and love. I look forward in doing my best work in continuing to care for children and families in need. Thanks to everyone who've allowed me into their lives and have responded only in kindness, love and support.