About Michael Sweet Mediation LLC


Michael Sweet Mediation is an extension of Michael’s desire to be involved with improving the way individuals treat each other when conflicts arise. My goal is to promote a safe, confidential environment that invites open, respectful, civil, and beneficial communication between parties which in turn leads to an amicable agreement for all involved.   Conflict doesn’t have to be brutal. Often when it is brutal, there are no winners even when an agreement has been reached.   Family disputes are particularly emotional and often bitter. I want to help couples who are not able to reconcile otherwise, part their ways with the hope of a better future complete with mechanisms for healing and mutual support of children involved.  Over the many years of working with children, I have learned to be a non-judgmental, neutral third party interested in helping all parties to any dispute come away feeling respected and treated fairly by the other parties. Let's face it, life goes on, and whether it goes on to the benefit of each party and child is up to each individual wanting peace and well-being of the other.

Why Michael Sweet?

Michael Sweet has a long history of involvement in the care and support of children. It is from this position Michael aims to ease the pain and suffering families, especially children, must deal with when their parents are not able to resolve their differences in their marriage. Michael's hope is that these irreconcilable parents work together to resolve their differences with their children foremost in mind and not as an afterthought. My service is aimed at helping families go forward successfully after divorce by setting the ground rules of fair play, respect, integrity and love.


  •   Masters In Mediation from Barnham Graduate College and Seminary, Katy TX
  • Advanced Family-Divorce-Custody Certification from Manousso Mediation and Arbitration, LLC, Houston TX
  • BA in Christian Counseling from American Seminary, Katy TX. 

Training - Certifications;

40 hours Basic Mediation Training

26 hours Advanced Mediation - Family and Divorce 

4 hours - Advanced Mediation - Domestic Violence

Additional Information

  • Ordained Christian Elder, June 2014
  • Working with children in care since April 2015.