The Mediation Process Overview


The Mediation Process Overview


The Mediation Process

Mediation is the best opportunity and platform for mutually beneficial dispute resolution. N allowing each participant an opportunity to discuss issues that have created a barrier between parties while having complete control over the outcome of the discussions. Outcomes depend on the willingness of the participants to resolve their differences amicably and fairly. This information along with a few role definitions, is intended to act as a general outline of the process mediations can take and is not all-inclusive.  

Since the agreement is reached by the participating parties, mediation sessions may take from two to three hours or more. In more complicated situations, the process may substantially longer. 

The Mediator Role

The standard understanding of the role of the mediator is that, Mediators are neutral third parties that promote productive negotiation direction and encouragement that may lead to a mutually acceptable settlement between disputing parties. 

Mediators do not offer advice in any capacity, legal or otherwise. 

When a solution is achieved, the mediator may prepare a mutually agreed upon Mediation Settlement Agreement (MSA) that all parties sign. The MSA agreement may then be given to the party’s attorney (or an attorney) to type up for court proceedings if desired. 

The Client

Completes and submits  an intake questionnaire. This will help determine the depth and scope of the mediation service being requested. A phone interview will be scheduled to discuss any additional details about the negotiation, special needs, convenient neutral meeting place to facilitate the negotiations, the mediation process and payment of the mediation fee. 

All negotiating parties must have absolute authority to enter into the mediated agreement and make all decision regarding the settlement. The MSA is a legal and binding contract between all negotiating parties.


Please download these documents and complete them. This will greatly reduce the amount of time spent in mediation and allow the time spent in mediation to be more focused on a resolution rather than filling out forms.  

Download, complete and sign, then scan to your PC and email to  

OR you can fax the completed form to 509-278-0345  

Please do not hesitate to email me at if you have any questions or concerns